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5 days ago

Join NAFI: Watch Mike present this content as part of MentorLIVE:   Claim FAA Wings Credits for this presentation: Certified flight instructors are rarely educators. Many see instruction as a stepping-stone to the next level of their flight careers and assume that merely telling is the equivalent of teaching. We tell, we show, but we rarely teach—and in failing to do so, we do our students a disservice. This mistake is detrimental to both students and the aviation industry. Join veteran flight instructor and educator Mike Thompson as he applies the principles of educational psychology from the FAA-H-8083-9A Aviation Instructor’s Handbook to the art and science of teaching.

Tuesday Nov 16, 2021

Join NAFI: View the original presentation here! Co-hosted by NAFI Members Krishnan Swaminathan, Dustin Jones, George Allen and Program Director John Niehaus. Light Sport Aviation seems to be an often ignored segment of our pilot community, and it continues to be misunderstood even by flight instructors. This episode is intended to clear up misconceptions of what LSA is, and promote the positive aspects of what teaching and flying LSA can offer.

Tuesday Nov 02, 2021

Join NAFI: www.nafinet.orgThis Episode Sponsor is: Advancing Aviation Top Instructors GroupJohn Niehaus is Director of Program Development of NAFI and is a 135 Training Captain on the Lear 45/75. Kimberly Dawn is a Canadian Class 1 Flight Instructor with international certifications in Aviation Training Management, Advanced Instruction and Virtual Classroom Instruction. Owner of Advancing Aviation and the Facebook Top Instructors and Students Group.

Thursday Oct 21, 2021

The Hall of Fame's purpose is to recognizes those individuals who have made significant  contributions to aviation education and flight instruction while reflecting credit upon themselves and their profession. It highlights the important role flight instructors play as a foundation for the safety of the entire national air transportation system. Each year (with limited exceptions), one or more inductees are selected and honored. For more information or to nominate someone visit:

Tuesday Oct 19, 2021

Join NAFI: www.nafinet.orgJohn Niehaus is Director of Program Development of NAFI and is a 135 Training Captain on the Lear 45/75.   Brian Schiff is a captain for a major US airline and is type-rated on the Airbus A320, Boeing 727, 757, 767, DC-9 (MD-80), CL-65, LR-JET, and G-V. Schiff’s roots are deeply planted in general aviation where he has flown a wide variety of aircraft (95 types). His total flying time is over 20,000 hours. He is a Gold Seal flight instructor and FAA Safety Team Representative and holds several flight instructor ratings. He is recognized for his enthusiasm and ability to teach in way that simplifies complex procedures and concepts. He has been actively instructing since earning his flight and ground instructor certificates in 1985. Schiff also has been an FAA-designated examiner. He attended San Jose State University, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and his Master of Science Degree in Aviation Safety from the University of Central Missouri. He regularly teaches and conducts seminars about aviation safety and techniques to student and professional pilots alike. Learn more about Brian's Activities:

Tuesday Oct 05, 2021

Join NAFI: Watch the video here!   About Max: Currently the host of the podcast Aviation News Talk, Max is a general aviation advocate and thought leader. He's passionate about preserving and growing general aviation in the U.S. so that it remains available for future generations. He is the President of the SiliconValleyGA, which protects and promotes General Aviation in California's Silicon Valley. He is the "2008 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year." Max graduated from Swarthmore College in 1978 with a BA in Psychology and in 1979 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. In 1983, he graduated with a MBA in Management Strategy and Marketing from the New York University Stern School of Business. In 1979, he began a 25 year career at Hewlett-Packard in marketing, sales and management positions. For the last 8 years, he was in Enterprise Computing and managed HP's relations with a number of billion dollar companies in Silicon Valley. He began learning to fly at age 15 and became a part-time flight instructor while working at HP. In 2004, he left HP to found Glass Cockpit Publishing, a publisher of aviation training materials. He actively teaches flying, is recognized as an expert in glass cockpit aircraft, and is one of 18 people in the world that concurrently holds both Master CFI and Master Ground Instructor designations. Max is a frequent speaker on aviation topics and speaks to capacity audiences each year at AirVenture, Sun ‘n Fun and to other aviation groups. Listen to Aviation News Talk Podcast here:

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

Join NAFI: Avemco Insurance Company: (Ask about the NAFI CFI Liability Insurance Plan ;) Watch the full presentation for FREE and get FAA Wings Credit:   This presentation uses data and photos from Avemco claims files to highlight claims that occur consistently year after year. Knowing what claims are common will arm you, the CFI, with the information needed so you and your trainee can stay in the “no claim category”. A common teaching method for flight maneuvers is the CFI demonstrates the maneuver and the trainee practices it until they master it. Let this presentation, including photos, demonstrate it so you can avoid the unpleasantness of practicing or mastering it. Mike Adams, Avemco Sr. Vice President Underwriting, earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 1983 in Hillsboro, OR prior to starting his career in aviation insurance. In 1984 he joined Clark-Wissmiller Inc representing National Aviation Underwriters. In 1986 Mike became a regional sales manager for Avemco Insurance Company in the Pacific Northwest and has handled commercial insurance ranging from full service FBO’s to the CFI with a single aircraft operation. In addition to commercial insurance experience Mike has worked with pilots who own a plane and pilots that rent and borrow aircraft. Mike added an Instrument Rating to his ticket which is almost a requirement if flying in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. While in Oregon Mike served a year as the President of the Beaverton Chapter of the Oregon Pilots Association followed by a year term as the State President of the Oregon Pilots Association.

Monday Sep 20, 2021

Join NAFI: A NAFI Legacy Master is a flight instructor with proven dedication to the industry by earning five or more MCFI/MGI designations over time. Simply put, if an instructor achieves a minimum of five or more NAFI Master Instructor accreditations, they earn the right to claim Legacy Master status. This designation applies to that individual even if they choose not to renew their Master. The Legacy Master program offers three levels of achievement. Each adds more benefits to the MCFI/MGI who continues with the program. Our goal is to inspire and award continued participation in the program. It is the perfect blend of recognition and retention, providing not just continued acknowledgement of former Master Instructors, but also incentive for CFIs to continue to renew every other year.   Learn More about the Legacy Program:

Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

Join NAFI:   Listen to professional Aviation Organizer Marci Katz as she discusses how organizing different aspects of yourself and your training can help your students progress more efficiently and more successfully.

Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

Join NAFI: With 40 years of flying experience, including more than 30 in airline flying, Captain Mike brings a wealth of experience to the table. Mike Jesch has been a ground and flight instructor since 1985, and has flown many thousands of hours “In The System.” his (mostly) day job has been with a major airline since 1987, where he has flown as Captain on the Boeing 737 since 2002. But his “real” flying takes place in an IFR-equipped Cessna 182 based at Fullerton, CA, or whatever his clients show up in to fly that day. He is a two-time Master CFI, and a FAASTeam Lead Representative in the Long Beach (CA) FSDO. As a speaker on the national stage, he has presented on a wide range of subjects across the country for numerous groups, including AOPA, many EAA Chapters, The 99s, and many more.

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