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More Right Rudder is a collection of content hosted by NAFI in Podcast form for on the go flight instructors. Each episode consists of previously released presentations and videos including MentorLive, 10 Question Challenge, NOTAMs Blog, and Briefing Room. Unique content coming soon! Join NAFI:

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Mutually Insured Instruction w/Mike Adams

6 days ago

Join NAFI: Avemco Insurance Company: (Ask about the NAFI CFI Liability Insurance Plan ;) Watch the full presentation for FREE and get FAA Wings Credit:   This presentation uses data and photos from Avemco claims files to highlight claims that occur consistently year after year. Knowing what claims are common will arm you, the CFI, with the information needed so you and your trainee can stay in the “no claim category”. A common teaching method for flight maneuvers is the CFI demonstrates the maneuver and the trainee practices it until they master it. Let this presentation, including photos, demonstrate it so you can avoid the unpleasantness of practicing or mastering it. Mike Adams, Avemco Sr. Vice President Underwriting, earned his Private Pilot Certificate in 1983 in Hillsboro, OR prior to starting his career in aviation insurance. In 1984 he joined Clark-Wissmiller Inc representing National Aviation Underwriters. In 1986 Mike became a regional sales manager for Avemco Insurance Company in the Pacific Northwest and has handled commercial insurance ranging from full service FBO’s to the CFI with a single aircraft operation. In addition to commercial insurance experience Mike has worked with pilots who own a plane and pilots that rent and borrow aircraft. Mike added an Instrument Rating to his ticket which is almost a requirement if flying in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. While in Oregon Mike served a year as the President of the Beaverton Chapter of the Oregon Pilots Association followed by a year term as the State President of the Oregon Pilots Association.

Welcome NAFI Legacy Master Instructor Program

7 days ago

Join NAFI: A NAFI Legacy Master is a flight instructor with proven dedication to the industry by earning five or more MCFI/MGI designations over time. Simply put, if an instructor achieves a minimum of five or more NAFI Master Instructor accreditations, they earn the right to claim Legacy Master status. This designation applies to that individual even if they choose not to renew their Master. The Legacy Master program offers three levels of achievement. Each adds more benefits to the MCFI/MGI who continues with the program. Our goal is to inspire and award continued participation in the program. It is the perfect blend of recognition and retention, providing not just continued acknowledgement of former Master Instructors, but also incentive for CFIs to continue to renew every other year.   Learn More about the Legacy Program:

The Organized CFI w/Marci Katz

Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

Join NAFI:   Listen to professional Aviation Organizer Marci Katz as she discusses how organizing different aspects of yourself and your training can help your students progress more efficiently and more successfully.

YOUR Name Has VALUE! w/Mike Jesch

Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

Join NAFI: With 40 years of flying experience, including more than 30 in airline flying, Captain Mike brings a wealth of experience to the table. Mike Jesch has been a ground and flight instructor since 1985, and has flown many thousands of hours “In The System.” his (mostly) day job has been with a major airline since 1987, where he has flown as Captain on the Boeing 737 since 2002. But his “real” flying takes place in an IFR-equipped Cessna 182 based at Fullerton, CA, or whatever his clients show up in to fly that day. He is a two-time Master CFI, and a FAASTeam Lead Representative in the Long Beach (CA) FSDO. As a speaker on the national stage, he has presented on a wide range of subjects across the country for numerous groups, including AOPA, many EAA Chapters, The 99s, and many more.

Telling a Student No w/Gary ”GPS” Reeves

Tuesday Aug 10, 2021

Join NAFI:   Watch the full presentation for FREE and earn FAA Wings Credit here: There are many challenges to teaching someone to fly and that includes times when you must say no your student. There are a myriad of reasons why - it can concern your readiness or your student's readiness - but it always concerns safety. If you haven’t had this experience yet, you will. Presented by Gary D Reeves, ATP, from, will be an open discussion of real life situations, student and CFI reactions, lessons learned and ideas on how ways to approach the delicate situation of actually telling a student no for their own good. Gary D. Reeves, is an ATP, MCFI, CFII, MEI with over 7,500 hours. In the last two years, he’s taught in over 30 states and is one of the most popular national public speakers on aviation safety. Gary’s driving goal is to reduce general aviation accidents through free FAA Safety Classes, video training, and articles. He is Chief Safety Officer and owner of and Chief Flight Instructor and owner of Master Flight Training. To learn more about Gary please visit

What's Your Type?

Tuesday Jul 27, 2021

Join our panel of experienced NAFI flight instructors Brandon Brown, Nick Schmall, and Evan Youngblood as they discuss how being a CFI helped them prepare and earn their first type rating. Hosted by John Niehaus NAFI Program Director, the panel offers the keys to a successful training experience like only flight instructors can, while offering up words of encouragement for those looking to follow the same path. Join NAFI:

Because We Were NOT Inverted

Tuesday Jul 13, 2021

Join NAFI:  Join our panel of experienced flight instructors to answer a member submitted question on tips to properly teach "flying straight and level" NAFI Briefing Room: An in-depth interview format with one or more guests covering subject matter that crosses a wide spectrum of topics. Curated by NAFI Staff and Board member, the NAFI Briefing Room video series is both entertaining and educational in today's environment. Briefing room consists of anything from product demonstrations, instructional techniques, instructor profiles, round-table discussions, and unique, specialized programing of interest to NAFI members and all CFIs.

Straight Talk about Safety w/John and Martha King

Tuesday Jun 29, 2021

Join NAFI:   Watch the full presentation for FREE and earn FAA wings credit:   As flight instructors you have the opportunity to exercise leadership in changing the way the aviation community thinks about, and talks about, aviation safety. The result will be insights that can be life-saving. While discussions about safety are particularly important to general aviation, our current discussions on the subject aren’t particularly helpful or insightful and can actually be counter-productive. Aviation leaders often give platitudinous assurances that can’t be true and tend to substitute for thoughtful and helpful discussions. Additionally, the aviation community has developed a vocabulary about safety, that can be smug and preachy as well as demeaning and off-putting. We will talk about positive, constructive tools that you can use as a flight instructor that are much more beneficial and productive. Finally, we will encourage you as flight instructors to exercise leadership to change the vocabulary of the entire aviation community. Pilots throughout the world know John and Martha King from their fun video presentations in their courses, and regard them as their personal aviation mentors. The Kings’ use of technology and clear, simple, and fun teaching have made aviation knowledge more accessible to hundreds of thousands of pilots and maintenance technicians. After an aircraft accident and discovering their own sense of vulnerability, John and Martha say they have become “born again pilots”. The Kings use humor and stories from real-world cross-country experience to vividly illustrate principles of risk management and pass along practical and insightful tools you will use and teach forever.

Aerobatic Aerobics w/Catherine Cavagnaro

Tuesday Jun 15, 2021

Join NAFI: Catherine Cavagnaro of Sewanee, Tennessee has been named the 2020 National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year. Dr. Cavagnaro is a mathematician by training, earning her B.S. in mathematics at Santa Clara University in 1987, and her Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Illinois in 1995. She serves as Professor of Mathematics and formerly as Chair of the Mathematics Department at Sewanee:  The University of the South. In that capacity, she has developed and implemented courses in such areas as aerodynamics, differential equations and mathematical modeling. Aviation provides a treasure trove of real-world examples for her mathematics courses. Catherine owns and operates the Ace Aerobatic School in Sewanee, Tennessee, where she has become widely known as an expert on spin recovery and avoidance as well as recoveries from unusual attitudes. She films her own videos that help pilots understand the complex aerodynamics of spins and unusual attitudes and her presentations have drawn rave reviews.  Catherine has filmed a 60-turn spin in her Cessna Aerobat to show that the recovery is the same after three turns. During 2004-2008, Professor Cavagnaro served as a test pilot, spin demonstration pilot, researcher, and visiting professor of aviation systems at the University of Tennessee Space Institute. While there, she served on the icing team that modeled the longitudinal stability characteristics of NASA’s Twin Otter in various icing configurations, and configured the variable-stability Navion to duplicate these characteristics.  In 2018, Catherine was inducted into the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame. She is an Airline Transport Pilot (ASEL), a Commercial Pilot (ASES, AMEL, glider) and a Flight Instructor (ASE, AME, instrument). She serves as a lead representative for the FAA Safety Team with the Nashville FSDO, and was honored as 2018 FAASTeam Representative of the Year. She also serves the Nashville FSDO as a Designated Pilot Examiner. Catherine is a monthly contributor to AOPA Pilot Magazine for which she writes on safety, proficiency and technical aspects of aviation.  She is a highly sought speaker and has a knack for making complex aviation concepts accessible and entertaining to non-technical audiences. One attendee at Catherine’s presentation at the 2017 AOPA Regional Fly-In in Groton, Connecticut, told AOPA that “Catherine Cavagnaro’s seminar was the best one I’ve ever seen on any topic.” When she isn’t teaching aviation or mathematics, Catherine loves exploring our country with her sons, Jack and Pete, in their acrobatic Beechcraft Bonanza. Learn more about Ace Aerobatics School: Read some of Catherine's AOPA Articles:

The Possible Turn w/Brian Schiff

Tuesday Jun 01, 2021

Join NAFI: Watch the presentation for FREE and earn FAA Wings Credit: This audio comes from the results of Brian's father Barry Schiff's decades-long research into the subject of turning back towards the runway after experiencing an engine failure shortly after takeoff in a single-engine airplane. Brian discusses techniques for determining when it is safe to do so, and how to practice the maneuver and become proficient at it. Until recently, conventional training and wisdom dictated that pilots should always land straight ahead when confronted by an engine failure that occurs shortly after takeoff in a Single Engine Airplane. This controversial topic has been hotly debated since the early days of aviation to the point where turning around to land on the departure runway has been called “the impossible turn.” It can be argued convincingly, however, that there are instances when it would be safer to return to the airport than to land straight ahead following such an engine failure. The FAA now states matter-of-factly in Advisory Circular 61-83J that “flight instructors should demonstrate and teach trainees when and how to make a safe 180-degree turnback to the field after an engine failure.” Check out Brian's website and blog here:

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