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If you are a flight instructor, you understand how challenging it can be to stay up-to-date with the latest aviation trends and advances. With constantly changing regulations and a rapid pace of technology, staying informed is a must. But how do you keep up when you’re on-the-go?

 More Right Rudder has the solution! Hosted by the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), More Right Rudder is an informative podcast that caters to the needs of busy flight instructors. With each episode being packed full of content, More Right Rudder is the perfect way to stay informed, while you’re on-the-go. Join NAFI:

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Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

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Cross controlled: what does that really mean? Skidded turns: what really happens and how do we avoid them? When can a slip be a life-saving maneuver? I’ve stalled in a slip: “What now?”Can we turn in a slip? How can I control speed in a slip? What’s different between a forward slip and a side slip? What about slipping with flaps? Join Mark and Brian as they dig into these questions and separate fact from fiction.
Mark King is a full-time flight instructor at a well-known Southern California flight school, CP Aviation in Santa Paula. Over 3000 of his 8000 hours of dual given have been devoted to emergency maneuver training (UPRT), tailwheel, and aerobatics. He holds an FAA Gold Seal flight instructor certificate with single, multi, and instrument ratings and Master CFI (Aerobatic) designation. Mark has extensive Alaska flying experience, has provided training for Federal, State, and County agencies in UPRT, and has taught UPRT and aerobatics in Europe. Mark is also a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) and an active member of the International Aerobatic Club and participates in competitive aerobatics in a Pitts S2B and flies a Beech Bonanza and a Cessna 140 for pleasure.
Brian Schiff is a major airline captain. Schiff’s roots are deeply planted in general aviation where he has flown a wide variety of aircraft (97 types). His total flying time exceeds 20,000 hours. He is on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and is a 35-year Gold Seal flight instructor and FAA Safety Team Representative.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

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Want to Earn FAA Wings Credit for listening? Click HereJoin us on a thought-provoking journey that intertwines aviation safety and personal growth. Explore the fascinating connections and uncover the valuable lessons worth embracing. Learn how aviation safety practices can shape our mindset, decision-making, and overall approach towards life. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain a fresh perspective through aviation safety!Gregory Feith is a former Senior Air Safety Investigator and “Go-Team” captain with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and has investigated well over 2500 general aviation, business/corporate and air transport (commercial air carrier) aircraft incidents and accidents worldwide during his 40 years as an aircraft accident investigator and aviation safety expert. He has won numerous NTSB and aviation industry awards including the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurel Award in 1996 for his leadership in the investigation of the ValuJet DC-9 crash, the 2001 ERAU Distinguished Alumni Award for "extraordinary distinction and success in the field of aviation and achievements;" and the SAFE Association, Michael R. Grost Award for “outstanding contribution in the field of accident investigation.”

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

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Learn new teaching techniques to help students better understand aviation weather and safely apply the knowledge in an operational capacity.
Dr. Terry Lankford is a pilot, flight instructor, and weather educator.
Gary Pokodner is Program Manager for the FAA’s NextGen Weather Technology in the Cockpit (WTIC) Program. In this role, Gary has been working to identify new research efforts related to bringing weather information into the cockpit.

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

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Guinness World Record holder and CFII Spencer Suderman discusses the importance of slipping stalls, spin phases, slipping to touchdown in crosswinds, turning slips, and the possibility of the “impossible turn”.
Spencer Suderman is a CFII, air show pilot, and two-time Guinness World Record breaker for performing the most inverted flat spins. Suderman teaches upset prevention and recovery training and aerobatics in St. Augustine, Florida. His latest project is producing a video series for Sporty’s instructing Cessna pilots how to improve their basic airmanship skills. Suderman’s YouTube channel is filled with educational and entertaining videos: View Spencer's Youtube Page
Spencer's Sporty's Youtube Series

Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

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Ready to Take Your CFI Experience to New Heights? The National Association of Flight Instructors CFI Summit is Here to Make It Happen!" Whether you're an aspiring CFI, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, the CFI Summit is where you should be. Learn all about the topics, themes, and speakers that will shape this year's event, and get inspired to improve your skills, network with peers, and grow in your career. Tune in today!

Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

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Join NAFI Editor Beth Stanton in her latest installment of Writers Behind the Stories, as she interviews contributing author Patrick Howell about his aviation background and writing process. Howell is an expert on aviation safety, and his work has appeared in Mentor Magazine among others. Tune in to learn more about his experiences, inspirations, and writing tips.
About Patrick Howell: Patrick Howell is a CFI/CFII/MEI, CSIP, and NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor. He is a former B-52H Stratofortress instructor navigator. Howell teaches with Revv Aviation at KCBF in Council Bluffs, Iowa. When he’s not teaching, he’s remembering how to use his feet again in a 1947 Aeronca Champ. Howell is glad he’s finally found a use for that English degree he got in college.

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) has recognized Lt. Col. Herbert W. (Bill) Powley, USAF (Ret.), as the 2023 inductee into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame. Powley joins an elite group of individuals who have been recognized for their significant contributions to flight instruction.
Powley graduated from the Air Force Academy and served more than 23 years as a fighter pilot, flight instructor, and test pilot, including two tours in Vietnam flying 347 missions in the F-4 and A-7. After his retirement from the Air Force in 1991, Powley continued to share his passion for aviation by volunteering his time to train pilots. He founded FLIGHT Foundation (Flight Lesson Instructional Grants Helping Teens) and has personally raised over $1.9 million. He has flown almost 12,000 students on more than 4,000 discovery flights, most of which were free. Powley has been an active member and leader in many aviation organizations, including the Air ForceAssociation, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Experimental Aircraft Association and NAFI. 
In 2010 he received the A Scott Crossfield Aerospace Science Teacher of the Year Award from the National Aviation Hall of Fame. The Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame (TAHOF) created a special award to recognize him that same year (Tennessee Aviation Person of the Year). In 2011 he received Tennessee's highest aviation recognition -the Career Contributions to Aviation Award and, in 2013, was inducted into the Tennessee Aviation Hall-of-Fame.

Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

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Free for any instructor or future ground and flight instructor that wants to learn, AND HELP SHARE YOUR TIPS, along with the top tips from others, to help your learners become much safer pilots.Gary "GPS" Guy in the Pink Shirt Reeves, is a lead rep for the FAA Safety Team and the 2019 FAA National CFI of the Year with two decades and >8,300 hours of real-world experience.

Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

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The training you received to stay far away from thunderstorms is the wrong approach! It will lead you down the primrose path to falling into a deadly trap in the future. Yes, thunderstorms are dangerous, but it doesn’t take a supercell thunderstorm to ruin your day. The goal is to minimize your exposure to deep, moist convection. In this webinar, we will look at the seldom explored dangers of the towering cumulus stage of the thunderstorm life cycle.Founder of EZWxBrief, Dr. Scott Dennstaedt is a nationally-known expert in aviation weather. He has worked as a meteorologist for the last 40 years has a doctorate in Infrastructures and Environmental Systems from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). With a background as a meteorologist, commercial pilot, and experienced CFI with 4,000 logged hours over the last 25 years, he offers a unique approach to teaching general aviation pilots how to minimize their exposure to adverse weather. He is a widely published aviation author that includes his new book, The Skew-T log (p) and Me: A Primer for Pilots and is a contributing editor for FLYING magazine. In his spare time Scott volunteers as EAA's subject matter expert on weather.

Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

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Improve your customers’ training outcomes with these proven best practices and guidelines. This session focuses on practical, real-world techniques that make your simulator more valuable to both your customers and your business.
Josh Harnagel currently serves as Vice President, Marketing for Redbird Flight Simulations, an Austin Texas-based flight training technology company. He oversees a team that is responsible for marketing, communications, and product development. He has held a number of key positions at Redbird in the 10 years he has been with the company and has been instrumental in the explosive growth that Redbird has experienced since its inception.

Tuesday Jul 11, 2023

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Don't miss this exclusive interview with air show pilot and CFI Spencer Suderman as he talks with NAFI Mentor Magazine Editor Beth Stanton about his aviation career.
About Spencer Suderman:
Spencer Suderman is not only one of the most exciting air show performers on the planet, he is also a Guinness World Record holder! On March 20, 2016, Spencer flew the Sunbird S-1x, an experimental variant of the Pitts S-1 biplane to an altitude of 24,500′ in the restricted airspace over the Barry M. Goldwater Range in Yuma, Arizona then entered an inverted flat spin. At an altitude of 2,000′ the recovery was initiated and the Sunbird smoothly returned to level flight at 1,200′. A new world record of 98 inverted flat spins crushed the previous Guinness World Record of 81 that Spencer set in 2014.
Spencer began flying while in college in the late 1980’s and quickly advanced from private pilot to commercial pilot with an instrument rating. In 2002 he became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to teach pilots how to be safer though upset recovery training.  In 2006 Spencer performed in his first airshow and now holds an FAA unrestricted Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card allowing him to perform solo and formation aerobatics down to surface level.
While working on his instrument rating in 2000, Spencer discovered that aerobatics are amazingly fun and quickly lost interest in merely flying straight and level. After attending numerous aerobatic contests in the Super Decathlon aerobatic trainer rented from a local flight school he moved up to the high performance Pitts S-2B. He’s been performing in air shows since 2006 and the plane was dubbed the “Meteor Pitts” because it shoots across the sky with its unique hot rod style flame paint scheme.
Spencer’s air show performance uniquely showcases the capabilities of the Meteor Pitts Biplane with Intense gyroscopic maneuvers like the Double Hammerhead and the Inverted Flat Spin with its signature corkscrew smoke trail as the plane drops towards the ground at over 6000′ feet per minute spinning like a Frisbee!
Spencer enjoys entertaining the audience with this amazing airplane and sharing flight with incentive rides. His enthusiasm for flight is infectious and he’s proud of the people that have been motivated to get involved in aviation. Spencer enjoys producing videos about flying that give the viewer a sense of being in the cockpit going along for the ride!  Check out Spencer’s videos on Youtube
When not flying Spencer works in information technology (IT) and lives in Florida with his wife, children, and two dogs. His educational background includes an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York. Education is the most important pursuit any human can undertake and Spencer speaks from experience when encouraging young people to pursue learning with passion.

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

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Episode Sponsor Pilot Edge, visit their website ( for more information on SimVenture July 13th through 16th
Recurrent Training is a rerun of a previous episode of More Right Rudder
For three years in a row PilotEdge has been proud to present SimVenture which is similar to the flight procedures associated with EAA’s famous EAA® AirVenture® Oshkosh™ ¹ and allows pilots to fly into Oshkosh, with actual Oshkosh air traffic controllers, using a flight simulator.
Each year, over 10,000 aircraft flock to Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s Wittman Regional Airport for EAA’s AirVenture event. In order for Oshkosh’s airport to accommodate such an influx of air traffic throughout the week, EAA works closely with the FAA and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association to publish specific VFR arrival and departure procedures which pilots are required to follow.
These specific VFR procedures are published in a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) and require pilots to conduct non-standard approaches and maneuvers into and out of the airport, while listening to fast-paced air traffic control and flying closer to other aircraft than most pilots have ever flown before.
PilotEdge’s SimVenture event is similar to EAA’s actual AirVenture event thus giving pilots an experience that is comparable to flying into and out of Oshkosh using the real NOTAM procedures.

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

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This episode is sponsored by: IcomAdd Before Flight
Learn the top 5 mistakes that GOOD CFIIs make when teaching IFR.  A must-attend class for any current or future instrument instructor that wants their students to learn more, finish faster, and be safer pilots. A special presentation hosted by NAFI with the 2019 FAA National CFI of the Year, Gary “GPS”, Guy in the Pink Shirt, ReevesGary "GPS" Reeves, has >8,300hours as an ATP and Master Instructor.  He is the 2019 FAA National CFI of the Year and trains clients all over the US.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2023

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In this fascinating video, we hear from Randall Williams about his experiences navigating the ocean as a sailor and the skies as a pilot. Discover the parallels between these two worlds and what it takes to excel in both.
For more interesting stories from Randall, see his most recent NAFI NOTAMs blog post here.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

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Kimberly Dawn is a Canadian Class 1 Flight Instructor with international certifications in Aviation Training Management, Advanced Instruction and Virtual Classroom Instruction. Owner of Advancing Aviation and the Facebook Top Instructors and Students Group.

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