May 4, 2021

8 Magic Tricks That Can Kill Flight School Business w/Ned Parks

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Running a flight school can be as complex as offering multiple ratings with multiple aircraft and multiple instructors or as simple as a single CFI with one airplane teaching one rating. No matter the size or ratings offered everything you do, say, and show sends a message to the student. The question is what message?

Are you sending the message of a well-organized, thoughtful, friendly, and safety program or a message of a disorganized, chaotic school that treats safety as a required compliance instead of an agreed desire?

Ned Parks, ATP, CFI-H/A, AGI attended the University of Akron and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He served as a helicopter pilot in the US Army and while there, was on an international training team teaching leadership and flight topics to military students worldwide.

After time as a division manager in a manufacturing firm, Ned spent many years in GA business, owning and operating FBOs, charter operations, flight schools, and corporate flight departments. He has 4,300+ hours, 1,800+ dual given.

Ned now owns Aegis 360™ Consulting, a global business consulting and staff development service that helps organizations improve leadership competencies, discover and align business strategies, and improve culture though employee engagement. He's given over 2,000 presentations to 30,000+ people worldwide and counting.

In 2018 Ned released his book:

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